One the oil is extracted from the cedar leaves, the residues are transformed into mulch. Re-Source Intégration redistributes this mulch free of charge to the community. The use of cedar mulch is very beneficial, both from an ecological and phytosanitary point of view. It can be added to a flower bed, around a patio or pool, under trees or to any other area where ornamental plants grow. In addition to being very decorative, mulch acts as a protective barrier, keeping the soil moist and vegetation protected from drought. Is also reduces thermal variations and protects plants from extreme ground and soil temperatures. As a result, the plants stay cool in the summer and are protected from frost in the winter. The presence of such an organic mulch provides the soil with a source of mineral elements and a quantity of organic matter, which is beneficial for the structure as well as for the biological and chemical balance of the soil. Moreover, a soil protected in this way is less likely to become compacted and eroded.

paillis de cèdres recyclés

Free distribution to the community​

You can pick-up free mulch from mid-May to October at
312 Saint-Louis Street, Gatineau.​