Our mission

To create and maintain quality jobs for people with functional limitations through our customized, environmentally friendly products and services.

About Us

Recycled Cedars operates under the Re-Source Intégration banner, a social economy company created in 1984.

Re-Source Intégration pursues economic and social goals. Its growing success lies in the skills and dynamism of its assembly and packaging production teams.

We employ over one hundred people with disabilities, either intellectual or physical, or mental health issues.

Re-Source Intégration also owns La Source des Aubaines, three liquidation centers, open to the general public, located at 74 Gréber Blvd, 914 Maloney East Blvd and 93 Lois Street, and its online store.


Director general: Caroline Charette
Director of operations: Simon Lalonde
Finance director: Francis Chantigny
HR Director: Tina Lemieux
Sales and marketing director: Stephanie Gauthier


Board of Directors

President: Robert P. Racicot
Vice-president: Sylvie Labbé
Secretary-treasurer: Aurèle Desjardins
Administrators: Sylvain Laflamme, Pierre Giroux, Sylvie Charette

Contact Us

Recycled Cedars

312 Saint-Louis Street, Gatineau, J8P 8B3

Re-Source Integration

312 Saint-Louis Street, Gatineau, J8P 8B3