Latin name: Thuja occidentalis
Origin: Asia and America
Size: Up to 40 m high
Leaves: Evergreen

  • Softwood of the coniferous family
  • Light grey bark, finely cracked
  • Egg-shaped cone
  • Seeds take 2 years to ripen before the cones open
The Canadian forest forms a huge green strip more than 6,000 kilometers long and up to 3,000 kilometers wide in some areas. 
It is mainly comprised of coniferous trees - in fact, 76% of its trees are pine trees, spruces, larches, cedars or thujas, hemlock 
spruces and firs. Economically speaking, these trees are the most valuable.

The Canadian boreal forest is by far the largest. It is home to 16% of the world's resources of coniferous trees. Canada and Québec 
provide an enormous source of essential oils extracted from coniferous trees.


Cedar trimmings recycling

For many years now, Re-Source Intégration has been involved in cardboard, paper, plastic and metal recycling.

Our organization is also involved in cedar trimmings recycling in order to support cedar recovery in our region, putting an unprecedented
emphasis on consultation and partnership such as the involvement of landscape architects or other similar bodies sensitized to recycling
and environmental issues.


Processing consists in extracting essential oil from Cedar leaves through steam distillation. After the 
daily pick-ups, trucks are unloaded and trimmings are chopped and blown in a still. The oil is derived 
from the foliage through steam extraction and separated in a sedimentation tank after having been 
cooled in an indirect contact heat exchanger. Finally, the oil is filtered, stored in drums and distributed 
to wholesalers to be used in pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

The popularity of essential oils derived from coniferous trees is blooming within growing industries such
as pharmaceutical companies. In Quebec, essential oils extracted from coniferous trees have sparked 
interest since the 1950's. There is an increase in demand for this product and consumers are always 
looking for new fragrances.



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