Cedar Mulch


Once the oil is extracted from the Cedar leaves, residues are transformed into mulch. Re-Source Intégration redistributes mulch to the community for free. Cedar mulch has a variety of advantages, from an ecological and phytosanitary point of view. It can be spread on flower beds, around a patio or a swimming pool or anywhere ornamental plants grow.

It is not only decorative, but it also preserves the soil humidity, protecting plants from drought at the same time. It decreases thermal gaps and shields plants from extreme temperatures diffused in the ground. Consequently, plants stay cool in the summer and are kept from freezing in the winter.

Mulch also provides the soil with a source of mineral elements and organic matter, which contributes to preserving its structure as well as its biological and chemical equilibrium. Furthermore, this protection prevents the soil from compacting and eroding.

Finally, thanks to this type of mulch, plants can grow healthily because of the repellent effect of its natural aromas towards insect pests and it also prevents weeds from growing.

Our Cedar mulch is free and available to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You only need to bring a shovel and containers.

From Monday to Friday and for a small $5 fee, we will load it in a small trailer or in a pick-up truck.

If you need us to load a dump truck, please call 819-663-9908 ext. 13 to schedule a day and time.

We are located at 312 Saint-Louis Street, Gatineau sector.


Our 2021 season is now over!

We would like to thank everyone for your support. See you next year!