Established in 1985, Re-Source Intégration is a social economy organization. In other words, we pursue both social and economic goals.
Our increasing success is due to the ability and get-up-and-go attitude of our production team of over 100 people living with a disability, whether an intellectual deficiency, physical limitations or mental health issues.
Our employees carry out daily tasks in our field of expertise, namely assembly, packaging, cardboard skid production and recycling.
Re-Source Intégration owns La Source des Aubaines, a liquidation center open to the general public with branches located at 74 Gréber Blvd. in Gatineau and 93 Lois Street in Hull. We also own Recycled Cedars, a pick-up service for cedar trimmings destined for essential oil extraction.
Our mission
The goal of Re-Source Intégration is to create jobs for persons with disabilities and provide them with a real, meaningful and gratifying work experience. We want to improve the living standards and working conditions of people living with disabilities and fast-track them on the path of financial independence. Due to the emphasis we have put on enhancing the skills and knowledge of our team members, we are able to provide quality eco-friendly products and services to our clients and partners at competitive rates.
Our team
A production team comprised of over 100 proud and talented employees.
An equally successfull Management team:                                          An experienced and devoted Board of Directors
Executive Manager: Caroline Charette                                              President: Robert P. Racicot  
Controller: Chantal Lavigne, CPA                                                       Vice-President: Marleen Tassé
Human resources Manager: Karine Moreau                                     Secretary-Treasurer: Aurèle Desjardins
Production Manager: Simon Lalonde                                                Administrator: Sylvain Laflamme
Corporate accounts Manager: Pauline Solomon                              Administrator: Pierre Giroux
                                                                                                             Administrator: Sylvie Charette
                                                                                                             Administrator: Sylvie Labbé

Our 2021 season is now over!

We would like to thank everyone for your support. See you next year!